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President' s Message...“Everything we want in life is waiting for us outside of our comfort zone and inside of our effort zone…” is what I believe as a visionary president of South Gujarat Medical Education and Research Center.  Our trust/Research center and its constituent SPB Physiotherapy College has always maintained high academic standard, experience faculty and staff members, state-of–art infrastructure and attachment with best medical professionals and hospitals.  I look forward to meet you and have your experience at SPB Physiotherapy College, Surat.

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Home >>  Subjects during the four-year study of B. Physiotherapy>> Electro Therapy I
Electromagnetic Waves
Electromagnetic spectrum, physical properties of electromagnetic radiations of reflection, refraction, absorption, penetration, grothus law, inverse square law and its practical application.
Infra Red Rays
Production of infra red rays, luminous and non luminous generators, penetration, technique of application, physiological effects and therapeutic uses of infra red rays, duration and frequency of treatment, indications and contraindications, dangers and precautions.
Ultra Violet Rays
Production of U.V.R., mercury vapor lamps (Kromayer lamp). Fluorescent tubes for U.V.R. production (Alpinesun lamp), Theraktin tunnel and PUVA apparatus. Physiological effects of U.V.R. (Chemical reactions with skin)

Structure of skin, penetration and absorption of U.V.R. Erythema, different degrees of erythema, test dose, technique to find out the test dose and its importance.

Technique of application of U.V.R. in local and general irradiation, specific conditions like psoriasis, acne, alopecia, and indolent wounds. Technique of applications using accessories. Filters, sensitizors.

Dangers and contraindications.
Cold Therapy
Physiological effects and therapeutic uses of ice therapy, techniques of application, contraindications to ice treatment.
Properties of Water. Buoyancy, effects of buoyancy on movement, Hubbard tank, contrast bath.
Paraffin Wax Bath
Structure of the bath, composition of wax and mineral oils, physiological effects and therapeutic uses of wax bath.
Other Heating Modalities
Heating pad, Moist Heat.
High Frequency Current
Short wave Diathermy
Introduction, Physiological effects and Therapeutic effects of SWD, Methods of application (capacitor field method and cable method etc.), Techniques of application, indications, contra-indications and dangers.
Pulsed SWD
Definition, characteristics, mechanism of work, physiological effects & Therapeutic effects, Indications, Technique of application, principles of treatment and contraindications.
Microwave Diathermy
Introduction and characteristics, physiological effects, Therapeutic effects, Techniques of application and principles of treatment, Dangers & contraindications of microwave diathermy.
Introduction and characteristics, effects on tissue, Therapeutic effects, principles of application, indications, contraindications and dangers.
Ultrasonic Therapy
Introduction and characteristics, U.S.therapy parameters, Coupling media, Therapeutic effects, Indications, contra-indications and dangers, Testing of apparatus, Techniques of application & dosage.
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