Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a 4 years full time course with 6 months compulsory rotatory internship program as per the regulations laid by the University. BPT course has commenced since October, 2005. It is recognized by Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat and Ministry of Health, Government of Gujarat. The course includes teaching of various clinical & physiotherapy subjects. It also includes clinical exposure in OPD & IPD of various hospitals in Surat.

  • These ordinances shall be called “The Ordinances, Syllabus and Scheme of Examination pertaining to the Bachelor of Physiotherapy course, BPT.”
  • The Bachelor of Physiotherapy program shall be under the Faculty of Medicine.
  • The name of the Degree program shall be Bachelor of Physiotherapy [BPT].
  • This revised syllabus will be applicable from academic year 2011-12.
Aim of the course:
The aim of the course in “Bachelor of Physiotherapy” is to qualify students who complete it satisfactorily to work independently as physiotherapists, including working in interdisciplinary teams. The course must train students to plan, execute, evaluate and document physiotherapeutic work within the areas of promotion of good health, prevention of illness, treatment, habilitation, rehabilitation, and development of the profession, so that students acquire professional competence in the field of physiotherapy.

On the Bachelor of Physiotherapy course, acquiring professional competence means that the student must be able to:

  • Contribute to developing, supporting, maintaining and restoring people’s optimal movement and functional abilities, with the aim of promoting good health and quality of life to prevent restrictions and loss of functionality in individuals
  • Direct physiotherapeutic intervention aim is to focus on individuals and groups of all ages in interaction with their environment, leisure activities, work and taking into account ergonomic factors.
  • Work in cooperation with patients and their relatives, colleagues, and professionals from other disciplines, irrespective of their cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
  • Initiate and participate in professionally-related research and development work.
  • Take further courses in theory and clinical practice after completing the basic education, including diploma, master’s degree and special postgraduate degree courses.
Satisfactory completion of the course gives the right to use the title Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT).

Objective of the Course:
This course shall allow the students:
  • To acquire adequate knowledge of basic medical subjects and to develop skills and techniques of therapeutic exercises and therapeutic modalities so that they can manage various medical surgical conditions of patients.
  • To acquire knowledge so that they can point out by assessing the medical and surgical conditions of the patient.
  • To acquire skills in management, research and teaching as well as guidance and counseling of patients.
  • To acquire proper attitude for compassion and concerns for patients and welfare of physically handicapped in the community.
  • To practice moral and ethical values with regard to physiotherapy.
1.1 Qualifying Examination:
A Candidate seeking admission to first year Bachelor in Physiotherapy (BPT); should have passed the Higher Secondary Examination of XII Standard in Science Stream (10+2 pattern) conducted by the Gujarat Secondary Education Board or its equivalent examination conducted by recognized Board/Council with minimum 35% marks.


As prescribed by the Govt. of Gujarat from time to time.

The selection of students to a course of Physiotherapy shall be based on merit provided that: In case of admission on the basis of qualifying examination, a candidate for admission to BPT course must have passed individually in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English and must have obtained not less than 35% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the qualifying examination.

A candidate seeking admission to Bachelor of Physiotherapy course should have completed 17 years of age, as on 31st December of the year of admission.

Medical Fitness Certificate:
Every candidate before admission to the course shall furnish to Principal of the Institution a certificate of Medical Fitness from an authorized Medical Officer to the effect, that the candidate is physically fit to undergo Physiotherapy course.
The duration of the BPT course shall be four and half years including internship of six months.
English shall be the medium of instruction for all the subjects of study and for the examinations of the BPT Course.
A candidate is required to attend at least 80 percent of the total classes conducted in a year in all subjects prescribed for that year, separately, in theory and practical / clinical to become eligible to appear for the university examination in the first attempt. Principals should notify at their college, the attendance details at the end of each academic year without fail, under intimation to the University.
There should be a minimum of two (2) internal examinations during I, II, III and IV year. The average of the two examination marks should be reduced to 20 or 10 as applicable for Theory and Practical/Clinical respectively must be sent to the University twenty days before the University examination as per notification. Proper record which forms the basis of the Internal Assessment should be maintained for all students and should be available for scrutiny. The marks of periodical tests should be displayed on the student notice board by Principals.

A Candidate must obtain a 35% mark in theory and practical separately in internal assessment to be eligible to write the university examination.

Any student who fails in four or more papers of an academic year; may ‘re-appear’ for Internal Assessment Examination of the failed papers again to improve the internal assessment marks. The fresh marks will be submitted to the university.
  • In all academic years two internal examinations will be conducted and marks will be sent to university before Annual Exam.
  • There will be two university examinations in a year, to be conducted as per notification issued by the university from time to time. First, Second, Third and Final examinations of BPT course shall be held at the and of 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year respectively. The particulars of subjects for various examinations and distribution of marks are shown separately in Tables VI to IX.
  • The examination for main subjects shall be conducted by the University.
  • A candidate is declared to have passed university examination in a main subject if he/she secures 50% of the marks in theory and practical separately.
  • For computation of marks in theory and practical/clinical the marks scored in the internal assessment shall be added to the University conducted written and practical/clinical examination respectively.
  • Those who have failed in three or less than three papers will be allowed to take Supplementary examination [only in those paper(s) in which he/she has failed] to be conducted Three (3) months after the declaration of result.
  • Those candidates who have failed in more than three papers are not eligible to take supplementary examination and will be allowed to take next annual examination along with subsequent batch of students only in failed papers and marks of passed papers will be retained as such.
  • The student is eligible to take two (2) regular and subsequent two (2) supplementary examinations only. There after he / she is not eligible to continue further.
  • Those candidates who have kept the term but could not take annual examination due to ill health, accident or any other extreme reason can appear for supplementary examination provided that candidate has passed in internal examination and has necessary 80% attendance. Above mentioned rules of ATKT AND SUPPLEMENTARY EXAMINATION WILL BE APPLICABLE TO THEM.
  • A candidate having appeared in all the PAPERS in the same examination and passed that examination in the first attempt and secures 75% of marks or more of grand total marks prescribed will be declared to have passed the examination in First Class with Distinction.
  • A candidate having appeared in all PAPERS in the same examination and passed that examination in the first attempt and secures 60% of marks or more but less than 75% of grand total marks prescribed will be declared to have passed the examination in First Class.
  • A candidate having appeared in all the PAPERS in the same examination and passed that examination in the first attempt and secures 50% of marks or more but less than 60% of grand total marks prescribed will be declared to have passed the examination in Second Class.
  • A candidate passing the university examination in more than one attempt shall be placed in Pass class irrespective of the percentage of marks secured by him/her in the examination.
The Grace Marks up to a maximum of five (5) marks may be awarded by the university to a student, who has failed in any one paper, either theory or Practical; but has passed in all other papers.
  • A candidate can carry over maximum of three papers to next academic year.
  • If a candidate passes in one or two paper in supplementary examination of three failed papers of an academic year or fails in all three papers again, he/she can take up the failed paper(s) again along with next academic year examination; that means one can take –
    • Maximum three first year paper(s) along with second year annual examination.
    • Maximum three second year paper(s) along with third year annual examination.
    • Maximum three third year paper(s) along with fourth year annual examination.
  • A candidate cannot carry over first year paper(s) to third year; and 2nd year paper(s) to 4th year.
  • A candidate who will be successful at the final examination shall be required to undergo compulsory rotating internship to develop skill and acquire clinical knowledge with proficiency in managing patients independently for a period of six months in a teaching institute, 100 bedded Multispecialty Hospital, specialized hospital of Heart care, Cancer, Leprosy, etc; and centre for Rehabilitation recognized by the University.
  • The Internship should be rotatory and cover Physiotherapy as well as clinical branches concerned with Physiotherapy such as Orthopedics, Cardiothoracic including ICU, Neurology, Pediatrics including NICU, General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology both in Indoor and outdoor patient services.

    The 6 months of rotational posting must be covered in the following pattern:

    • Physiotherapy OPD (Including Pediatrics and OBG wards) - 1 month
    • Orthopedic wards - 1 month
    • General Medicine wards (Including NICU and ICCU ) - 1 month
    • General Surgery wards (Including CTS wards, CTS-ICU and Burns) - 1 month
    • Neurology and Neurosurgery wards (Including Neuro ICU) - 1 month
    • Community Posting-[Geriatric Homes, Fitness Center, Special schools, PHC etc] - 1 month
  • Only after successful completion of Internship a candidate shall be admitted to the degree and will be awarded to him.
  • A candidate must maintain a logbook. On completion of each posting, the same will have to be certified by the faculty in charge of the posting for both attendance as well as work done. On completion of Internship the duly completed logbook will be submitted to the Principal/ Head of the program to be considered as having successfully completed the Internship
  • During the internship period the student is entitled to six casual leaves.
  • If a student wants to do Internship outside Surat in Gujarat or some other state in India, he/she has to obtain NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from the V.N.S.G. UNIVERSITY, Surat after getting recommendation from the PRINCIPAL of the college and NOC from the hospital or Institute where he/she wants to do Internship.
  • Duly approved ‘Project Work’ must be submitted to the college office than only Principal can issue letter for Internship Completion Certificate at the end of 6th Month of Internship.